About Us

Mission Statement

The Center for Responisible Environmental Strategies (CRES)

  • brings a greater awareness of environmental issues to the public
  • provides unprecedented opportunities for a network of scientists to seek innovative strategies that result in a cleaner and healthier population


CRES projects

  • systematically examine all options to identify the most effective methods to improve the environment;
  • promote a healthy environment while recognizing the need for responsible growth of the economy;
  • implement innovative strategies that account for regional differences within the State of Texas;
  • integrate air, water and soil issues as appropriate, recognizing that the solution for one often involves the consideration of all three;
  • educate and challenge the general public to share the responsibility for a cleaner environment; and
  • encourage business and industry to continue their efforts to protect the environment of Texas.

Goals of CRES

The goals of CRES are to

  • provide a forum to propose strategies that result in the overall improvement of the environment, while maintaining responsible economic growth;
  • facilitate the dissemination of such information to a broad audience; and
  • educate the public about its role and responsibility in environmental issues and how individuals might participate.

Contact Us

To contact us:

E-mail: eselig@crescentral.org

Phone: 512.413.0902

P.O. Box 27884
Austin, TX 78755